Old Oak Properties

Brand Refresh

Welcome to the New Old Oak

Fresh & Forward Thinking

Since 1955, Old Oak has been designing and delivering London’s most coveted high-rise homes, filled with innovative features and decadent details that are so rarely a rental reality.

Our original logo reflects the principles our company was built on. Strong and sturdy, like a tenacious oak tree, our family-run business had the goal from the beginning of providing people with the best home, community and accommodation on the market. We have stood the test of time.

Today, our third generation proudly carries on our legacy and looks to the future of where we are headed. More luxury. More eco-consciousness. More accessibility. Always with values as sound as our premium properties.

Introducing Our New Look

In the design, the monogram of the O’s from our company name is easily decipherable. We even recognize the familiar shape of an infinity symbol, denoting perfection and empowerment.

We’re reminded of the growth rings of an oak tree, representing our history of building character.

The Coronation of Quality

Our new gold and purple colour scheme was chosen to evoke feelings of distinguished elegance, fit for the dignified elite and lovers of life’s spectacular. This is indicative of our continued commitment to ensuring our residents feel like royalty and we will endeavor to do so by establishing quality communities and superb customer experiences.

Welcome to the new Old Oak.
Lease the luxury. Own the lifestyle.