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Turn Household Fat, Oil and Grease into Renewable Energy!?

We can all take some basic preventative measures to not only keep our pipes debris free and running smoothly but also make some renewable energy in the process!

Firstly let's talk about what should never be poured or placed into our sinks, toilets or bath tubs. When you place any food scraps, kitty liter, oils, grease or dirt down your drains there's a pretty good chance overtime it will lead to a clog or even worse.... the dreaded costly and damaging sewer backup! The biggest culprits are items such as butter, margarine, meat fats, salad dressings, milk, creams, mayonnaise and food scraps. When disposing of these allow first to cool then scrape off or wipe out with paper towel before putting into dishwasher, sink etc. Excess grease can also be poured into a coffee cup or a tin can, allowed to cool/harden and then disposed of in a green or waste bin. Always remember to double bag this and kitty litter when disposing to avoid spills.

But wait didn't you say I could turn my grease into renewable energy?

The answer is yes! Follow this link to see the most updated info on how!


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