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Turkey for Days? Here is Turkey 10 Ways!

In the absence of our normal large family gatherings, this years holiday leftovers may be a little more plentiful. If you're wondering just how to deal with them look no further.

Remember turkey leftovers in the fridge are only good for up to 3 to 4 days. If you aren't planning to get through the remaining meat it's best to freeze it for later use. Begin by carving the entire turkey and store the excess turkey in freezer bags. In the freezer it can last for up to three months. When placing leftovers in the bag do your best to press out as much air as you can to avoid freezer burns that will dry out your meat. Okay now all you need are a few fun idea's on how you can utilize that yummy bounty. Below are links to 10 different ways to take care of your turkey leftovers!

1.Turkey Casserole


2. Turkey Enchiladas


3.Turkey Salad


4.Turkey Pie


5. Apple Curry Turkey Pita


6. Grilled Turkey Sandwich


7. Turkey Omelette


8. Italian Turkey Pasta


9. Turkey Nuggets


10.Turkey Spring Rolls with cranberry dipping sauce


Have a safe an happy holidays!

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