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Travelling This Holiday Season ?

For many families here in London Ontario, the holidays mean travel, whether it’s visit with family and friends or a much-needed vacation away from the cold winter weather. Though Old Oak Properties takes great pride in the safety, security and maintenance of our rental apartments, it is always recommended to remember these preventative steps to help keep your London Ontario apartment rental safe and sound while traveling.

Check the Apartment Locks

Always double-check that your apartment locks are in good working order before heading out of town. Locking all of the windows and doors in your one, two or three bedroom apartment makes it less attractive to the opportunistic type burglars that you hear about this time of year, and is the easiest step towards preventing issues. If you have any concerns about the locks on your apartment be sure to contact your landlord ahead of time so that they can be addressed before you leave home.

Look Lived In

The best way to ensure your rental apartment safe and sound while you're away is to make sure it looks lived in, and what better way to do that then to have someone you trust actually stay there? Perhaps you have a trusted friend or relative who is willing to stay at the apartment while you’re away, or at the very least, stop in each day. It can really set your mind at ease knowing you have someone trustworthy back home who can pick up your mail, water you plants and ensure everything at your London Ontario apartment is as it should be while you’re away. If having someone apartment-sit for you isn’t an option, having a timer on your lights is a simple, yet effective way to achieve the lived-in look as well.

Social Media

We’ve all seen it. A friend or checks in at a location, posts a tropical beach photo or talks about vacationing in their status update. Vacations are exciting, and it’s tempting to share it with all of your friends, but putting that information out there on Facebook and Twitter puts you and at risk by letting everyone know that your apartment is empty! Hold off on the photos and status update until after you’ve returned.


Give your insurance agent a quick call to double-check your renter’s insurance policy. See what type coverage you have for your rental apartment while you’re away. It’s a good opportunity to ensure that everything is up-to-date before you leave.

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