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Staying Fit and Healthy Indoors

During these unprecedented times it might be hard to keep our weight in check. Let's start with some simple ways to lose the Covid and winter weight gain or just get healthier when we can't get to the gym.

1. Accurately calculate your caloric intake by measuring your meals and snacks. Remember to be truthful and include EVERYTHING you eat in order for this tool to be successful. Those lil' bits and bites add up more then then we like to think.

2. Eat sitting down at a table only to avoid snacking randomly on the couch or in the kitchen while preparing meals. Eating more formally helps us to avoid mindless snacking.

3. Eat slower and allow your body to notify you when it's full. Eating to quickly can cause you to over eat missing your bodies signals.

4. Brush your teeth after meals. Not only will you have great teeth but it can help your brain to signify the end of a meal. This way you will be less likely to go back for seconds.

5. Eat some form of protein with every meal. Protein helps you stay fuller longer and keeps your muscles fed. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn all day!

6. If you're watching TV or working at your computer, get up and do an activity during the commercial breaks or set a timer for every 30 to 60 mins to remind yourself to get moving. Example of things to try could include squats, crunches, lunges, high knees, jumping jacks.

7. Home workouts can be wonderfully successful. There are so many options online at your fingertips. Just google what your interested in. It could be weight training, yoga all the way to even belly dancing. The possibilities are endless!!!

If you need more convincing working out at home has many special benefits too:

a) No Commute.

Just a short stroll to the living room!

b) Utilities Close at Hand.

Your very own private shower. Singing out loud optional and encouraged!

c) Hygiene.

Less chance of spreading germs.

d) No Dress Code!

Train in your underwear if you like! No judgements here! Hey and less laundry this way too!!

e) Virtual Workout Buddies.

Your friends can join in on your workout with apps like Skype or FaceTime.

f) Be a Positive Influence.

Your kids can see you living healthier and they might join in! Who knows this could set them on a path creating habits that can make them healthy too!!

g) Choose your Own Music.

Make a mix that's sure to get you motivated.

Anything goes!


“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

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