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Spring Cleaning, Challenges and Rewards!

Do you ever feel as though the things that you own, own you? Do you have trouble letting go of possessions that no longer serve a purpose in your life? Do you need tips on how to declutter your home? Let's do it! Let's take spring cleaning to another level!

Sometimes we hold onto items just because of memories associated with them. Giving them up makes us feel as though we are erasing our past or being disrespectful to a gift giver or even someone who's passed. We have to remember that we are not our possessions and letting go can make room mentally, physically allowing us to enjoy the important things. Let go of the guilt!

Here are ways decluttering can improve your everyday life:

1. Everyday cleaning becomes easier! Less stuff means you have less to dust, put away, vacuum under etc.

2. You're not paying for storage of things you don't need or use.

3. Your house looks streamlined, organized and finding important items becomes easier.

4. Having a full house can sometimes become a fire hazard. In addition it can also make it difficult to move around freely and safely.

5. You could profit from selling unused items. **Think of saving/using that money for a vacation!!

6. Feel good by donating items to those who could benefit.

7. If you plan to move to a new home you'll have less to pack!

But wait I'm still finding it hard to let go.

Think to yourself, have I seen or needed to use this item in over a year? If the answer no it's probably time to let it be useful to someone else.

If the possession is sentimental to you but not used or always stored away, consider taking pictures of it rather then keeping the physical item. A digital or physical photo album can be a great way to immortalize items and even share your memories with friends and family more easily. As a bonus keeping digital copies of these pictures keep the memories safer in the event of floods or fire.

Remember you don't have to give up everything but decluttering the things that weigh us down can make life feel fresh and new.

Happy spring cleaning everyone!!





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