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Spa Day at Home

We could definitely all use some self-care these days. Since we can't get to the spa we must bring the spa home!

Let's start by setting the mood:

Sounds, lighting and scents are great ways to attain at-home spa bliss. Begin by turning the lights down low. Next tee up some relaxing music. A beautiful instrumental score might do the trick or perhaps relaxing nature sounds? There are a variety of channels on almost every online music media platform dedicated solely to relaxing. YouTube for instance has choices ranging from beach sounds with hypnotic crashing waves to thunderstorms or even a crackling fireplace. Use the search bar on YouTube to look for your favourite. Finally, turn on an essential oil diffuser, so your home spa will have a heavenly, soothing scent. If you don't already have one, this just might be the right time to give it a try!

Essential Oil Diffuser:



Now that we've set the mood here's some inspiration for your spa day:

Luxurious Bath

How about sinking yourself into a hot bubble bath to relax tense muscles and melt stress away? Elevate your bath experience by experimenting with; Epsom salts, bath bombs, bubble bath or essential oils. Any one of these could create a uniquely blissful experience. Pick what you love, take a deep breathe and enjoy.

Bath Bomb Variety Pack:


At-Home Facial

Not a bath lover? Maybe you'd rather get comfy in a plush robe or a favourite pair of pyjamas to indulge in fancy at-home facial? There are so many wonderful options, from luxurious facial clay to single-use moisturizing sheet masks. Don't forget to take the obligatory facemask selfie!

Sheet Mask


Couples Massage

Maybe there's two of you at home who want to spa together? How about giving each other a hot oil massage? Your muscles will thank you both!

Massage Oil



Being at one with the universe has never been easier with guided meditation phone applications. Available straight to the palm of your hands, these apps will guide you through step by step relaxation and breathing techniques. All you need to do is take that moment to indulge.

Look for The Mindfulness App on your app provider or just search meditation!

Foot Care

Give those tootsies what they deserve!

Finish off with a fresh coat of polish. Complete your relaxation session with a beautiful colour on your toes. This is guaranteed to make you feel brand new! Colour on your toes not quite your style, but you'd still like to show those feet some love? How about a vibrating foot soak? Yes, that does sound lovely, doesn't it?

Foot Spa


Hopefully, you can take some of these ideas and make yourself feel a little special.

You deserve it!!

*Links provided are only a few options out there to help get you started. Be sure to make the right purchases unique to you at the venue/business of your choice!

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