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Santa's Magic Key

December is here. The tree is up, the lights are strung, the presents are wrapped, and the stockings are hung. Now the countdown is on for Santa’s arrival.

With Christmas just around the corner, many kids have been wondering – just how does Santa visit us in our rental apartment when there isn’t a chimney to come down? Have no fear. Though Santa has been very busy up at the North Pole double-checking his naughty and nice list, Old Oak Properties was able to speak to Buddy the elf and he let us in on a little secret. Legend states that any old key, with Santa’s Magic, can open any door. This will allow Santa to get into all of the 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in London Ontario and around the world that do not have a chimney or a fireplace.

For Mom’s and Dad’s who may be wondering just how this works

1) Choose a key. Any old key will do, but if you want to be extra fancy there are skeleton keys available at London Ontario craft stores or on Amazon and Etsy.’

2) Attach a pretty ribbon, and a tag that reads “Santa”

3) Hang it from the doorknob of your 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment before heading to bed on Christmas eve so that it’s easy for Santa to find.

Enjoy the start of a new family tradition and all the magical memories that come with it. Happy Holidays from all of us at Old Oak Properties!

Santa’s Magic Key

Our stockings hang upon a wall.

We have no fireplace at all!

You see the problem is quite clear.

Santa, how will you get in here?

We heard a legend. Is it true?

Of magic only you can do.

We’ll leave out any plain old key.

And mark it “Santa” so you can see.

Your magic makes the key fit right.

So you can get inside that night.

Thank you Santa, here’s our key.

The milk and cookies are on me!

(author unknown)

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