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Safe Winter Driving Checklist

Winter Driving can be stressful, but preparing ahead can make it a little less hectic and more importantly safer for you and those important to you.

You may think all you need is a good set of winter tires. That's a good start but in order to be safe this winter season follow our checklist to ensure you have everything you need for those unexpected situations.

Winter Driving Must Haves Checklist:

☑️Winter tires *Schedule to put these on in advance of inclement weather.

☑️First aid kit

☑️Small or extendable shovel

☑️Ice scraper

☑️Cold weather windshield washer fluid

☑️Clumping cat litter for under tire traction

☑️Drinking water

☑️Extra/adequate medications for possible prolonged situations.

☑️Health card, I.D.

☑️List of important medical conditions

☑️Protein/meal replacement bar


☑️Road flares

☑️Extra winter clothing/blankets

☑️Cell phone with full battery


☑️Battery powered radio

☑️Rope/ toe chain

☑️Booster cables


Most importantly even if think you won't be outside long when your out and about, be sure you still dress appropriately for cold-weather regardless. You never know when a situation may arise where you may not have access to heat or shelter. Be sure to check weather ahead of your travels and adjust your driving habits accordingly.

Visit https://www.theweathernetwork.com/roads-and-travel/highway-condition/list to see your specific route conditions. Safe travels!

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