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Online Book Club with Friends!

Even as the pandemic is headed in the right direction(fingers crossed) we are all continuing to practice social distancing. With that in mind any fun ideas to keep in touch with friends and family are always helpful. So that's why we've come up with something that might inspire you. How about an online video chat book club?

Interested? Here's how you could begin:

1. Pick the book.

First things first, you have to have a book. To choose one you might have everyone put book titles they are interested in, into a "hat", then pull a title at random. Or maybe everyone already has one in mind, just run with that.

2. When, How Long?

When is a good time for everyone to virtually meet and discuss? How long will you meet for? The best thing about the unconventional virtual meet up is there is no travel time! You get to relax in your own cozy spot! Easy peasy.

3. Meeting Format.

You may choose to review an entire book all at once or maybe you'd rather split the book up into smaller parts?

How you choose to structure the meeting is up to you and what works best for the group.

4. Brainstorm Topics.

The topics your group discusses may vary from book to book. Some topics might be more specific and relevant to the particular book you're reviewing.

Be sure to have a time allotted for open discussions. Sometimes the pre-set topics may not cover everything you may want to converse about.

5. Refreshments.

The book is important but so are refreshments! Since you're at home you might want to coordinate a particular drink or food that complements the book in hand. For instance maybe the book you're reading is about finding love at a posh ski lodge in the Swiss Alps. Perhaps then a fancy upscale hot chocolate, or how about an icy mountain chocolatini? Get creative with your theme. Make your menu as spicy or as icy as the book!

5. Summarize the Reading Material.

Choose a new book club participant each week to give a quick refresh on the chapters or pages agreed on. Review this at the top of each meet to get the ball rolling. Be sure to choose the person in advance so they can be comfortable and prepared.

6. Share Perspectives.

Enjoy each one of your friends different understanding of the material. Individual views are truly what make book clubs fun. You might hear something you missed or a view you didn't think about.

Other Fun Ideas:

A) Wardrobe? Incorporate costumes or book inspired clothing choices, maybe a character in the book wears a fancy hat? You might wear one as well?

B) Theatrical asperations? Have everyone pick their favorite part and give a creative book inspired monologue, poem or song.

C) Artist visions? Have everyone create a piece of art inspired by the book.

D) Music. Set the mood with a score that fits with the mood of the book, your groups very own sound track!

Helpful Tips:

A) Keep notes for yourself on each of the topics or pages you have chosen to discuss. Keep these in point form, paragraph or in the margins. However works best for you. Include questions that might occur to you while reading for the freestyle open discussion period.

B) You might need to schedule times for reading to keep yourself on track and ready for your book club. Prioritize the time set aside for yourself.

Not all book clubs are the same. Don't feel the need to strive for someone's else's standards. This should be a fun experience and not another chore on a to do list.

Ok get reading! Poshe Alpine Ski Lodge here we come!

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