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Keep the cold and flu out of your apartment - helpful hints to keep you healthy

It’s that time of year again in London Ontario. An unwanted guest is lurking – influenza. With having friends and family congregating in the rental apartment you are at a higher risk of catching the bug. Health officials recommend getting a yearly flu vaccination, but what else can you do to keep the flu away from your rental apartment? Follow these tips to help keep your apartment healthy and flu-free this season.

Avoid the flu virus

The best way to keep the flu out of your rental apartment would be to just avoid it altogether. Try to stay away from anyone you know has (or has recently been exposed to) the flu. Not bringing the flu into your apartment at all is much better than having to get rid of it once it’s arrived. Of course, avoidance is sometimes easier said than done, so here are a few practical preventative measures:

Wash your hands often

In addition to regular hand washing, you should wash your hands thoroughly and frequently as soon as you come home from public places. You may even want to consider keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your car, purse and apartment, it can be especially helpful after using a shopping cart or touching things like door handles or the elevator buttons in your apartment building. We touch so many of the same things other people do like debit machines, pin pads, counters, etc. This is especially true at places like pharmacies and drug stores where sick people go to get their prescriptions. Wash your hands can go a long way in eliminating passing of viruses.

Under the Covers

Wash your bedding and any frequently used blankets/throws at least once a week to get rid of any lingering germs in the bedroom. You may also want to toss any curtains into the wash at least seasonally to remove any dust or allergens that could further aggravate flu symptoms.

Wipe things down

Use antibacterial wipes to clean any items that people touch frequently in your apartment Keep them throughout the apartment for easy access. While you don't have to go overboard, be mindful of high-traffic germ hot-spots including phones, cabinet and door handles, counters, tables, remotes, appliance door handles, computer keyboard, faucets and toilet handles, as well as the often overlooked ceiling fan.

Clean the Air

Open the windows a crack, just enough to circulate some fresh air and help to ventilate the room, and consider setting out some plants throughout your apartment to help remove toxins from the air. Don’t forget to also change out any filters in your apartment (vacuum, air purifier, dehumidifier/humidifier etc.) so that you are cleaning and purifying the air, rather than adding more germs and dust to the rental apartment.

Toss the Sponge

Don’t spread germs throughout your apartment by using a germ-filled sponge to "clean" counters, kitchen tables, and other surfaces. If you use disposable sponges, change them frequently. Be sure to wash any washcloths, dishrags and hand towels frequently, letting them dry out between uses.

Fresh Air & Exercise

It's true !! Study after study has proven that fresh air and exercise not only boosts the immune system, but improves both mental and physical health overall. So get out there and take a walk, run, hike or take up a new outdoor winter activity like skating, skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing. There are so many recreational opportunities in the London, Ontario area.

A good defense is the best offence ! Wishing you health and happiness from all of us here at Old Oak Properties!

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