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Holiday Shopping - Its Not To Early!

Christmas may still be a few months away but the thought of a crowded mall during this year's celebrations brings about different feelings in a global pandemic. Safety and well-being should be paramount when you think about holiday shopping this year.

Taking all of this into consideration it might be smart to start earlier and avoid leaving everything to the last minute. Covid is a challenge we all must think about and adapt to. For all of these reasons and more you may be thinking about trying your holiday shopping online. This may be for the first time or perhaps you're already a seasoned pro. Either way read through this list to ensure you're doing even more to stay safe shopping online.

1. Only use Encrypted Websites:

It’s important to limit your shopping to encrypted websites. Be on the lookout for the padlock symbol on the URL bar. The website URL should start with https:// (rather than http://) and should have a padlock symbol to indicate that the page is secure.

2. Protect your Personal Information:

If a website asks for too much information such as your social insurance number, that might be a red flag.

3. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network):

If you need to shop online on a public Wi-Fi, a VPN creates an encrypted connection between your computer and the VPN server. Surfing without one on a public Wi-Fi network can leave you more vulnerable to hackers.

4. Create Unique Passwords for Each Site:

Avoid using the same password for every online shopping site you frequent. In addition always remember to log out of the website after your purchase.

5. Return Policy:

Insure you read over the website’s refund and exchange policy. Since you're trying to avoid going into the store can you return online if need be?

6. Avoid clicking on untrusted pop-up ads:

Pop-ups can be a way for scammers to lure or confuse online shoppers. Insure you have an ad-blocker installed when shopping.

7. Check your Credit Card Statement Often:

As you should normally, keep a close eye on your credit card statements. Even after you’ve received your purchased item it’s always a good idea to ensure there are no hidden charges or unfamiliar names deducting from your account. Always keep online receipts and confirmation numbers to help you track all of those amazing gifts!

8. Have fun!!

Online shopping can result in some great deals. You might even find products that the physical stores may not offer. Online shopping can be incredibly stress-free and might we add even a relaxing way to shop.

Sites like for instance https://www.etsy.com/ca/ is a wonderful way to support local unique handmade products or at https://www.amazon.ca you can find more items then you can dream of.

Happy (early) holiday shopping!!

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