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Don't get left out in the cold. Dress for Winter Success!

With Canada's coldest months upon us, you may be asking yourself how do I stay warm outside? Whether you're new to winter or you're a seasoned vet these tips will surely help.

The key to staying warm when you're outside may be as simple as following some basic dressing tips. We all know that layering is important but equally as important is how we layer and with what materials. Let's begin!


Base Layer: Depending on the temperature have a mid or lightweight option on hand. This layer should be a next to skin synthetic or natural sweat wicking fabric keeping moisture in control. PRO TIP: Sweating can actually make you colder. For example merino wool is a wonderful option for this layer.

Mid-layer: The mid-layer should consist of fleece. Your fleece layer should be looser fitting then your first layer. This creates an air pocket helping to trap heat.

Top Layer: This layer should be a waterproof, breathable, windproof membrane.

Just like the cold temperatures, wind chill can be a culprit in causing the body's temperature to drop considerably. Pay close attention to the "Real Feel" or Wind Chill rating when checking the weather.

To complete your winter ensemble and to keep you feeling toasty this winter accessories like scarves, toques, mittens, boots and socks are incredibly important.

Feet: Whenever possible invest a great pair of waterproof winter boots with gripping soles. Be sure to note what temperature the boots are rated for, this will help you decide. Remember merino wool or synthetic sweat wicking socks would be a great compliment inside your new boots keeping moisture at bay.

Hands: As a rule of thumb(pun intended) mittens can do a better job keeping hands warmer then gloves. Gloves with individual fingers can isolate each finger making them colder. Mittens bring fingers together keeping each other warm! PRO TIP: Mittens and gloves will be warmer when they have a an insulated fleece interior and a wind, water repellent layer on the exterior.

Pants: Snow pants are a wonderful tool but a little harder to wear everyday. Instead be on the lookout for new products that have popped up in recent years like insulated jeans. These look like jeans on the outside but have a warm layer of fleece sewn into the inside. How great is that?!

Lastly but arguably most important is our head!! Whenever possible wear a toque and scarf as our bodies tend to lose upwards of 10 % of our precious heat up there!

Be sure and visit https://www.redcross.ca/training-and-certification/first-aid-tips-and-resources/first-aid-tips/cold-related-emergencies-staying-warm-and-safe-in-canadian-winters for other cold related tips!

There we have it, you're ready from head to warm toes!

Happy wintering everyone!

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