Old Oak Properties

Christmas Décor Tips & Guidelines for Old Oak Residents

The holiday season is upon us and we love seeing our resident's balconies lit up with lights and wreaths on doors. We do ask that our residents follow a few guidelines for the sake of everyone's comfort and safety!

We prefer that artificial trees be used in your apartment, but if you prefer a real tree, please ensure it is adequately watered in a waterproof stand. Needles from the trees can be a problem in common areas, so please clean them up if any do happen to fall. Disposal of trees must be done off site at designated City of London locations, they cannot be left on property.

Door wreaths are permitted but their size is not to exceed 18” W x 18” L x 4” Deep. Wreath hangers or 3M Command hooks should be used to prevent damage. Please do not cover your door completely with signs or other decorations. The fire inspector may order removal of items on doors at any time. We cannot permit decorations to be left in the hallway as they obstruct safe passage in the event of a fire.

A reminder that items are not to be affixed to the balcony railings, walls, floors, or ceilings. Seasonal lights and decorations may be temporarily hung on the inside of the balcony glass; kindly remove them before Groundhog’s Day (Feb 2).

Happy Decorating!

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