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Board Games for Boredom

Is Staying Inside Making You Stir Crazy? We Have a Fun Idea for You!

We are all doing our part by staying inside to social distance, but let's face it, It can get cumbersome. With phones and technology, we may have forgotten about an old past time that helped us connect long before video games and apps took over our lives. I'm talking about the good old fashioned board game. Old classics like Monopoly and Scrabble taught us about money management and spelling while still being fun. Board games also helped us connect socially. So grab yourself a yummy snack and let's create some new fun family memories. To start you off below contains a list of some classics that should bring back the Good Ol' Days!! Plus you never know, you might even keep up a new game night tradition long after this is over!!

Take care and stay safe out there folks!!



Trivial Pursuit




The Game of Life, Junior Edition


Snakes and Ladders




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