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Apartment "PETiquette"

Apartment “PETiquette”

New to apartment living? New puppy? Here is some basic "petiquette" to keep everyone organized, safe and comfortable when navigating common areas.

Elevators and hallways are a hub of activity and sometimes a stressful situation for your pet. Whether your waiting to enter or exit an elevator, or walking down the hallway keep your dog tightly leashed. When waiting for or riding on the elevator be sure to keep your pet a couple feet away from the door. Wait for the door to open completely before entering/exiting. This will avoid your dog startling, or being startled by, people or other animals. Confrontation and even bites can happen if you're crowded near the doors.

Your big or lil' guy should be on a leash at all times in indoor and outdoor areas. When taking your dog outdoors avoid the main entrance. Train your dog to go to the bathroom only in designated areas. Guide your dog to use the restroom several feet from the building (especially points of entry and exit, nobody wants to step over that). Keep your furry friend out of maintained garden areas. Pet urine often kills the beautiful plantings. Remember our pets probably just think their being helpful by watering the plants too :)

New puppy or dogs prone to accidents? Whenever possible it's sometimes helpful to carry or use a pet carrier in common indoor areas when your concerned about accidents. Always be prepared with some paper towel to clean up the initial mess, then be sure and notify your building manger to complete sanitizing the area.

Barking and howling can be very disturbing to your neighbors. Follow your dog trainer’s advice to help keep noise to a minimum.

Finally don't forget all pets should be properly vaccinated for the safety of your pet and the safety of others.

Following basic "petiquette" at your home can help everyone and our favorite furry friends become comfortable, happy and the best kind of neighbors!

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