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Talbot Centre Mall Retail Leasing: 142 Fullarton Street, London, Ontario

The entrance foyer of rose-coloured granite columns and complimentary marble sets stage for a great shopping experience at Talbot Centre Mall. This upscale enclosed shopping concorse has 65,000 square feet of retail shops and services, with bright skylights throughout.

Available Units

Talbot Centre Mall Floor Plan

Anissimoff Law
Art with Panache
Bellchamber Custom Jewellers
Bodyworx Talbot Centre
Dominic's Italian Eatery
Freestyle Outlet Boutique
Fried Rice Delight
Gateway Cigars
It's All About Me
J.B. Simpson Jewellers
Karat Gold
Kirwin Law
Limesoft Inc.
London's Shawarma
MC Tallon - Complete Chiropractic
National Bank
Norma Peterson Fashions
Oliver & Associates Real Estate
Renaissance Personnel
Serratore Shoe Repairs
Service Bay
Sophisti Cut
Stambler Mills Law Office
Super Service Cleaners
Sushi n' Sushi
Talbot Centre Conference Room
The Daily Planet Cafe
TLC Vision
Tree Tops Gift Shop
Trustwide Travel
Your Crepes & More

Retail Units

R24Available651 ft²
R42Available1,123 ft²
R70Available1,870 ft²
R76Available479 ft²
R72Anissimoff Law3,357 ft²
R10Art with Panache2,320 ft²
R34Bellchamber Custom Jewellers315 ft²
R74Bodyworx Talbot Centre4,462 ft²
R30Dominic's Italian Eatery607 ft²
R84Freestyle Outlet Boutique1,739 ft²
R26Fried Rice Delight416 ft²
R18Gateway Cigars514 ft²
R52It's All About Me746 ft²
R80J.B. Simpson Jewellers873 ft²
R12Karat Gold470 ft²
R04Kirwin Law2,122 ft²
R08Limesoft Inc.513 ft²
R28London's Shawarma486 ft²
R60MC Tallon - Complete Chiropractic1,076 ft²
R82National Bank4,930 ft²
R14Norma Peterson Fashions566 ft²
R51Oliver & Associates Real Estate457 ft²
R62Renaissance Personnel1,404 ft²
R20Serratore Shoe Repairs168 ft²
R64Service Bay
R16Sophisti Cut1,206 ft²
R63Stambler Mills Law Office961 ft²
R22Super Service Cleaners268 ft²
R25Sushi n' Sushi400 ft²
R88Talbot Centre Conference Room1,065 ft²
R54The Daily Planet Cafe390 ft²
R40TLC Vision5,115 ft²
R78Treats350 ft²
R68Tree Tops Gift Shop705 ft²
R50Trustwide Travel314 ft²
R29Your Crepes & More476 ft²

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Talbot Centre Mall Retail Leasing
142 Fullarton Street, London, Ontario

Contact Information

Ops Cost$8.40
Property Taxes$4.00
Food Court Cleaning$5.00
Total (2016 Est.)$17.40

Floor plan

Additional Properties

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