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Keeping Cool Without A/C

Mid Summer is here !!! With soaring temperatures it can sometimes be difficult to keep cool without air conditioning, but here are a few helpful tips and tricks:

a/ Keep the Sunlight Out

It’s amazing what a difference drawing the shades can make. By closing all of the apartment’s curtains and blinds during the day you’re preventing the sun from beating in and causing that suffocating greenhouse-like feeling.

b/ Circulate Circulate Circulate!

While it probably goes without saying, fans of any kind play a vital role in getting the air moving in your apartment rental and keeping things cool. Using multiple fans creates a wonderful cross-breeze, but remember to use your fans efficiently - point any box or window fans out the window to push out any hot air, and, if ceiling fans are allowed in your apartment, adjust the blades so that they run counter-clockwise, pulling hot air up instead of just moving it around the room.

c/ Make your own A/C

While you’ve got those fans going in your apartment, place a frozen bottle of water or tub of ice in front of it. This creates quite a blast of cool air for anyone sitting nearby.

d/ Reduce Excess Heat

Unplug any electronics you’re not using and avoid the stove and oven. All of these things will add unnecessary heat to your rental apartment. Instead, have a cold plate – salad, sandwiches, fresh fruits and veggies, or use your slow cooker instead.

e/ Get Some Sleep

What do animals do in the heat? They sleep! But that can be tricky when it’s hot.

Try dampening your sheet with a spray bottle before bed and letting the breeze from the fan keep it cool. Reusable gel packs in your pillowcase can also be a lifesaver. Don’t have a gel pack? No problem, fill a sock with uncooked rice or buckwheat and place it in the freezer for an hour. Alternately, if you have a hot water bottle lying around the apartment, fill it up with water and freeze it, place it under your covers down by your toes for a cool and restful sleep.

f/ Cut the Humidity

If you can cut the humidity in your apartment, sometimes the heat doesn’t feel so bad. A dehumidifier can go a long way to relieving that thickness in the air, but as with an air conditioner, it is important to double check with your landlord before making such a purchase to ensure there are no restrictions.

Letting in the cool evening air if the temperatures dip is always helpful as well, just be sure to close them before it starts to get hot again. And don’t forget, if your apartment complex offers a swimming pool, that’s a fantastic way to keep cool! There are also many public outdoor pools and splash pads for kids in London, Ontario !!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and STAY COOL !!!

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