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Don’t Be A DIY Hero. Submit an On-line Maintenance Request

You’ve got a leaky faucet in your apartment. No matter how tightly you turn the handle, it still drips. It’s annoying. It’s costing money because the water bill goes up. And it might even keep you awake at night. Before you attack the faucet with your trusty pipe wrench, pause and consider the consequences. You could make an annoying situation worse and cause damage in the apartment for which you’re responsible. No matter how tempting it might be to unleash your inner plumber, always leave it to your Building Manager.

In the case of that annoying dripping faucet, the first step in fixing it involves shutting off the water supply. Definitely not something you should attempt. While the fix is probably an inexpensive rubber gasket or lining. No matter how high on the DIY scale you rank, trying to fix it yourself means you’re taking responsibility for any damage. Don’t be a hero. Submit an online maintenance request.

Sure, a shower head that’s spitting water in all directions is usually easy enough to fix with a good cleaning but really, it’s something the Building Manager should handle, as it could be a symptom of other problems or maybe it even warrants a new shower head.

A constantly running toilet is typically caused by a worn flapper valve, which is the flat rubber cover over the hole at the bottom of the tank. This is one of the reason you pay rent – to be free of the responsibilities of home ownership. Just leave it to your Building Manager who will be glad to help.

Never attempt to fix a leaking toilet on your own. Whether it’s between the tank and the bowl or the bowl and the floor, this is definitely a job for the Building Manager. Again, it’s usually only a gasket replacement but it involves removing either the heavy tank or the even heavier whole toilet and disconnecting the water supply. Both the cost and the potential for further damage should remain strictly between your Building Manager or their plumber.

When in doubt, call or email your Building Manager. You'll be glad you did.

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