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Back to School Care Package

Back to school is here, and that means a ton of young people are going to be adjusting to living on their own here in London Ontario for the first time. What better way to help them with the transition of moving into their own apartment rental than a thoughtful care package?

Not sure what the student in your life might need? Here are 5 practical suggestions to try:

Just the Essentials

Toiletries and every day necessities can be expensive for a student budget and often students who are used to these items “just being there” will run out at the most inconvenient of times. Any student would appreciate receiving a box of essentials to have on hand in the apartment. Shampoo & conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, floss, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, deodorant, toilet paper, razor blades, a mini first-aid kit, Tylenol etc. are all great ideas. For an extra special touch, include a little splurge like a scented lotion, linen spray, or favourite lip balm.

The Starving Student

Students life can be hectic, with late nights and early mornings often mean grabbing snacks on the go to keep fueled. Stock up their apartment cupboards with quick options like oatmeal, soup and crackers, or pasta. Smaller grab and go snacks like granola bars, protein bars, trail mix or nuts are always appreciated as well. For a little taste of home throw in a special treat like home baked cookies or brownies.

Want to take it a step further? Next time they’re home for a visit send them back to their London Ontario rental apartment with some freezer meals that they can just heat up and you’ll have instant peace of mind of knowing they’re eating nutritionally at least some of the time.

A breath of fresh air

Let’s face it, students aren’t known for keeping their apartment rentals clean as a whistle. Send them a care package as a gentle reminder. A nice smelling multi surface cleaner, some paper towels, a duster and perhaps a bottle of air freshener should do the trick!

Get Better Soon

Students are bound to get sick at some point during the year. It’s just inevitable with all of the people they’re going to come into contact with on campus. For those days when they just need to curl up with a blanket and watch TV in their London Ontario apartment rental send them a little love from home. Tissues, soup, tea, honey, lozenges, and cold medicine and a card from mom and dad is sure to make them feel just a little bit better.

Don’t forget to have fun

Strict deadlines and cramming for exams can equal a lot of stress. Remind them to have a little fun too by filling a box with things your student loved as a child and sending it to their rental apartment. Play dough, board games, crayons, tinker toys, movies, even a favourite old stuffed toy to have in their apartment. These things can provide a nice break for your student and their friends. Even as a young adult, topping it off with a Kinder Egg is sure to get a smile.

With just a little bit of creative thinking you’re sure to come up with a care package your student will love. If you’re still not sure, a gift card to the grocery store or a nearby coffee shop is always a hit. Regardless of what you choose, don’t forget to include a little note to let them know you’re thinking about them, bonus if you decorate it with silly wrapping paper or stickers for a laugh.

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