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Adjusting the Volume (Apartment Noise)

Living in any rental apartment means that you’re bound to hear some occasional noise from your neighbours. While a little bit of noise is to be expected in any London Ontario apartment rental, sometimes things like snoring, yelling, pets or loud music can get a little bit out of hand. So what do you do when a neighbor is disturbing the peaceful quiet or your apartment space?

For day-to-day sounds, extra carpets and wall coverings can work wonders. Try putting down a couple of throw rugs on the apartment floor, or even hanging a decorative rug on the wall - artwork and corkboards can also be good solutions. These will dampen the noise coming in to the apartment, and also the noise going out. Combine this with a little bit of backround noise of your own, such as light music or a fan, and perhaps invest in some night time earplugs and before you know it, your London Ontario apartment rental will be back to the comfortable oasis you remember.

If blocking the sound doesn’t work, then it may be time to talk to your neighbours. Many people are completely unaware that what they are doing in their apartment is disruptive to others in the building. When talking to your neighbours, there is no need to be confrontational, simply state what the problem is and offer a solution that would be acceptable to both of you. If you are uncomfortable doing this, leaving a note is another option. Remember to keep it friendly and offer a solution to your problem that will still allow them to enjoy their own 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment.

If you’ve already tried communicating with your neighbours, or, if you’re just not comfortable doing that, then give your rental apartment’s landlord a call to discuss the situation. Often just having your landlord bring it to the neighbours attention is enough to quiet any excess noise.

Should the situation be reversed and you find that you are the one who is anticipating a noisier than usual day – perhaps a large gathering at your London Ontario apartment – consider giving your neighbours a heads up, let them know you have people coming over and provide them with a phone number to reach you if things are too loud. Other ways to be considerate include:

  • Ensuring that the volume of any radios, televisions or other devices in your rental apartment is set at a reasonable level.
  • Avoid placing sound emitting appliances or devices next to shared apartment walls.
  • Choosing to carry out household chores during daytime hours
  • Limiting noise at inconvenient hours
  • Providing regular exercise and care for pets
  • Taking extra care not to disturb neighbours through loud voices in the apartment hallways when out late at night

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