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10 Spring cleaning tasks that take 10 minutes

Is anyone else getting the urge to move things around their London Ontario apartment? This is usually the clear sign to me that spring is on the way. With all of the sunshine and warmer temperatures we’ve had this week, many people seem to be feeling cooped up and restless in their rental apartments, why not put all of that energy to good use and start spring cleaning a little early this year? If you break it down into small tasks then by the 20th you’ll be free to head outside and enjoy!

Here are 10 Spring cleaning tasks that only take 10 minutes:

1. The dreaded junk drawer. Most people have one in their apartment, for many people it’s a drawer in the kitchen, the catch-all for paper clutter and other items without a proper place. Take 10 minutes to shred or file any papers.

2. If you have ceiling fans or blinds in your London Ontario apartment rental, clean them with a damp cloth. Swiffers or fabric softener sheets also work well.

3. Wash any couch or chair covers. It’s also a good time to clean and switch your heavier winter bedding for lighter cotton spring sheets.

4. Let the sun shine in - clean your windows. This may take more than 10 minutes, but you can break it up over several days! The beauty of living in an apartment rental is that for the most part, you only have to do the insides.

5. Clean out your medicine cabinet, check expiration dates and toss out any old medications (prescription and over-the-counter.) Do not put anything down the drain/toilet in your London Ontario apartment building. To safely dispose of pharmaceuticals you can either return them to the pharmacy, or take them to London Ontario’s hazardous waste depot at 3502 Manning Dr.

6. Clean out your apartment’s refrigerator and pantry. Check expiration dates and toss everything that is old or will not be eaten. Consider donating any unwanted non-perishables to the London Ontario food bank. Not sure how long it’s good for? Check it out at stilltasty.com

7. Wash the baseboards – just one room at a time! Better yet, have each family member choose one of the 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms in your London Ontario apartment and it will be done in no time.

8. Take note of anything around the apartment that might need repairing and send it to your London Ontario apartment building’s landlord for review.

9. Look at everything in the closets of your 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment objectively and sort it into three piles - keep, toss, and donate. Use the three Fs to determine what can stay. Ask yourself - Does it fit? Does it flatter? Is it fashionable?

10. Toy clean up. Discard anything broken or with missing pieces and donate any toys your kids may have outgrown.

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